The Hotel

Welcome to our five-star luxury Doggie Resort. We are not a glorified kennel, but a full-service pet resort complete with luxury amenities and 24 hour care. We have customized schedules, one-of-a-kind personal service and accommodations you won't find anywhere else.

All rooms include:

  • First-class service and amenities
  • Plush beds
  • Flat screen TV
  • Friendly, caring staff available 24/7
  • Room service two times a day
  • Potty break three times a day
  • Mid-day snack

Check-in and Check-out Times

Similar to that of a human hotel, Check-In time is after 2:00pm and Check-Out time is before 12:00pm. A late check-out fee of $15 applies to pets checked out after 12:00pm since additional care is required. Dogs going to Day Care or the Spa on check-out day will not incur a late check-out fee if picked up after 12:00pm. Pets not picked up prior to closing will be considered overnight guests and be charged for an additional night's stay.

Holidays That Our Lobby Will Be Closed

Easter Thanksgiving
Memorial Day Christmas Day
Fourth of July New Years Day
Labor Day  
$20 holiday surcharge will be added per room on these days. There is no pick-up or drop-off available on these days. There is however, staff on-site for all our pets staying with us.

We regret that for insurance/safety precautions we cannot admit Pit Bull/American Staffordshire Terriers, Cane Corsos, or Presa Canerios. The following breeds are not allowed in any activity to have contact with other dogs: Bull Mastiffs, Akita, Chow Chows, Doberman Pinschers, and Rottweilers.

Please Note: Goochie Poochie Resort & Spa has the right to refuse any pet guest at anytime, who does not have proof of vaccinations, shows signs of aggressiveness, signs of untreated or contagious conditions, or fails our temperament polices.

Departure Bath

When your dog runs into your arms at pick-up time, we want him to smell fresh and clean! After playing hard and rolling around in our play yards or spending time around lots of other dogs, your dog can pick up dirt and odors that are best left behind with us. We recommend that all dogs have a bath on their check-out day (20% off of Spa Bath and 30% off for the guests who stayed 5 nights or longer) especially for dogs who attended Day Camp.

Discounts and Complimentary Services (cannot be combined with special offers)

  • Active Military Discount: 10% of the base price
  • Silver Discount (Age over 65): 10% of the base price
  • Administer Medications: Complimentary during stay with a purchase of Pill Pocket
  • Nightly cuddle time: Complimentary for stays 3 nights or longer
  • 20 % or 30% (5 nights and longer) discount on Spa Bath

Hotel Rates

Accomodation Type Rate/Night
Standard Suite
This is a 4’-4”x 7’ suite with a comfortable raised pet bed and 19” flat screen TV.
Deluxe Suite
This 4’-4” x 9’-4” suite with a comfortable raised pet bed and 19” flat screen TV.
Executive Suite
This is a 7' x 9' suite and has a comfortable kids size bed and 29” flat screen TV.
Royal Suite
This 11' x 11' suite with luxury queen size bed and 40" Flat screen TV is designed for double/multi occupancy dogs* from one family. The Royal Suite is flooded with natural sunlight.
Small Dog Condos**
Who says bigger is better? These private accommodations are carefully designed for pups and small breeds (15 pounds and under). Located in a small, serene environment, peaceful and private luxury condos are insulated from larger breeds and the community TV and the play yard view provides continual entertainment. The guests will also have daily group play time and nightly group cuddle time.
*$20 per additional dog/household in the same suite
**Double the size of the condo for only $10 more.

Additional Services

Add-on Packages
(price per day)
Gourmet Pup Chicken, Brown rice and Veggie Toppings on the meals + extra cookies after meals + Peanut butter ice cream $12.00
Busy Buddy Day Camp + Kong + Chew Toy $16.00
Pampered Pooch 2 Private Nature Walks + 15 min Cuddle Time + Bed Time Snack $18.00

A La Carte Rate
Day Camp* $15.00
Additional Potty Break /Suite $5.00
Slumber Party** /Night up to 20lb (9pm – 6am) $10.00
Private Nature Walk
15 min. $5 per additional dog from the same household $9.00
Cuddle Time (5 min) /Suite after 7pm. $3.00
Additional Room Service /Suite $5.00
Chicken, Brown Rice, and Veggie Entrée $8.00
Chicken, Brown Rice, and Veggie Side $4.00
House Food /Day $3.00
Canned Food (small breed) $3.00
Canned Food (large breed) $5.00
Peanut Butter Ice Cream $5.00
Kong $3.00
Extra Snack $3.00
Bottled Water $1.00
Pee Pad /Pad $1.00
Chew Toy /Stay $3.00
*Day Camp is a Day Care designed for boarding guests. Overnight guests wishing to attend Day Camp must be "accepted" prior to first day of stay.
**Only for Day Camp accepted dogs and available up to 10 dogs. The Slumber Party is a pilot program. Due to the size of the room we are only accepting dogs up to 20lbs at this time. If we find a necessity for larger dogs in this program we will make pricing adjustments.


Puppies must be at least 4 months of age to board with us, since they cannot be fully vaccinated until this age. Once at least 4 months old, we'd love your little one to come and stay with us! Boarding young pets is a great way to accustom them to a variety of sights, sounds and experiences and will make their future boarding experience much more familiar and enjoyable.

Older Dogs
We do not place an upper age limit on boarding pets, but we ask that you consider your geriatric pet's unique personality and special needs. Some geriatric pets have a more difficult time being away from their family. We discourage boarding large dogs over the age of 12 and small dogs over the age of 15.

Breed Restrictions
We regret that for insurance/safety precautions, we cannot admit the following breeds:

  • Pit Bull/American Staffordshire Terriers
  • Cane Corsos
  • Presa Canerios
The following breeds are not allowed any activity to have contact with other dogs:
  • Bull Mastiffs
  • Akita
  • Chow Chows
  • Rottweilers

Dogs We Can’t Board

  • Aggressive or Feral Dogs: We all know a “crabby” dog or two who might not like every person or every other dogthey meet but who is generally safe to handle or be around. These dogs can usually be boarded with little difficulty. However, we are unable to board dogs that are truly dangerous, feral (“wild”), or have had little socialization and may react with aggression when frightened. The safety of our staff, your pet, and our other guests is our first priority. If upon check-in we determine that we are unable to safely handle and care for your pet, we will let you know so that you can make alternate boarding arrangements. If you are unsure of your pet’s temperament and feel he or she might be aggressive, we recommend contacting us in advance to schedule a time to bring your pet in for a brief assessment. This “meet and greet” will give us a better idea of whether GOOCHIE POOCHIE is the right option for your pet. Any dogs who do stay with us who are aggressive toward other dogs may not participate in day care or other group activities with dogs outside of their own family.
  • Females who are pregnant or in heat: Females who are pregnant should be boarded at a veterinary clinic in the event that they go into labor and need medical intervention or care during the delivery. Females who are in heat are not accepted; our male guests can detect females in heat from long distances away and can become highly agitated, resulting in a less-than-calm resort experience for all our other guests.
  • Dogs recuperating from recent invasive medical procedures: Your veterinarian is the best place for your pet to stay following any invasive medical procedure that took place within the last 10 days.
  • Dogs with serious medical conditions or dogs that require frequent veterinary attention: Such conditions include dogs with frequent, uncontrolled seizures; dogs suffering from debilitating paralysis; or dogs with serious cardiac, kidney or liver disorders. Dogs with these conditions are best boarded with your veterinarian.
  • Dogs who are exhibiting signs of, or who have recently been diagnosed with, contagious disease, including dogs who have been diagnosed with Parvo or cats who have been diagnosed with Panleukopenia within the past 6 months, or dogs who have exhibited signs of URI or kennel cough within the past 2 weeks.